NCC Clothing Closet

All Dressed Up, With EVERYWHERE To Go

Appearance is the first impression a student makes when going for an interview. It sets the tone for the interviewer of how serious this candidate is about the job or internship.

The NCC Clothing Closet is a source of professional clothing for students that need appropriate attire for interviews, 实习, and all other professional events.

Available Items:

  • 裤子
  • 礼服
  • 裙子
  • 衬衫
  • 开拓者
  • 衬衫
  • 鞋子
  • 关系
  • 西装
  • 腰带
  • 配件

Donations are not being accepted at this time. 谢谢你!.



By appointment only


West Campus W101A

To make an appointment, please email Courtney Anstett.
Valid NCC ID required.